Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012's Top Five Fantasy Football Busts

It is never to early to talk about fantasy football! I decided to take some time off from the blog because I have found there is not much to talk about without football around. I believe, from here on out this blog will mainly be an NFL, College, and Fantasy Football blog. Of course I will pepper in the occasional post about another sport (probably college basketball) I will focus on football. 

Despite planning on dominating my fantasy football league this year, I will take the time to give my competition (and the rest of you) a few tips for the 2012 fantasy football season. All five of the players below are within the top 50 fantasy football players for 2012. While these five players may not be "busts" or the type of player who completely destroy your team (think Chris Johnson in 2011), they will, in my opinion, not live up to their hype. I tried to make sure I selected a variety of players, instead of five running backs. I have included three running backs, a wide receiver and a quarterback. 

I am sure all five of these players will play like superstars and prove me wrong. I will be back in the upcoming days with five players who I think could carry you to the fantasy football playoffs or help win your league. 

1. Maurice Jones-Drew - Running Back - Jacksonville Jaguars - Call me superstitious but there is no way I am falling for this again. Ask those who drafted Chris Johnson last year how  picking a player who holds out worked for them. MJD wants a new contract and is willing to sit out to get one. Gene Smith, the general manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars has already come out and said they will not give into Jones-Drew's demands. I know MJD had the most rushing yards in the NFL last year but his touchdowns were abysmal. ESPN currently has Jones-Drew ranked 6th overall. There is no way I can justify spending my first round pick on MJD. Furthermore, nothing excites me about Blaine Gabbert. I love a team that relies on their running back when I am picking my back, but I also want a team that can actually throw the ball. Jacksonville was dead last in passing last year. Jones-Drew is going to get you rushing yards, but I have to wonder if with such an inept offense he is going to get into the end zone. There are a number of other first round players I would take over Jones-Drew. Unless he somehow slips to the late first, I will stay away from Jones-Drew this year. 

2. Matt Forte - Running Back - Chicago Bears - Stop me if this sounds familiar, a young player has an amazing season, wants a new contract, does not get contract and threatens to hold out. It happens nearly every off-season and could happen again this year with Jones-Drew and, possibly, Matt Forte. If Matt Forte skips workouts, mini-camp and even the pre-season, he could turn into this year's Chris Johnson (alongside MJD). Furthermore, the Bears brought in Michael Bush this off-season who could take away some of Forte's touchdowns. As much as I love my running back piling up rushing yards, I also want touchdowns. If Chicago is going to rely on Bush in the redzone than picking Forte in the first two rounds is pointless. I could buy into the idea that Chicago's offense will be more potent this year with the additions of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. However, if Jay Cutler is going to start throwing the ball more, will Matt Forte still get into the endzone? 

3. Reggie Bush - Running Back - Miami Dolphins - Quick, how many seasons has Reggie Bush ran for more than 1,000 yards? Once! Prior to last year, Bush had never gone over 600 rushing yards. Couple that with the fact that he only had six rushing touchdowns last year and I will be staying away from Reggie in 2012. ESPN has him ranked 42nd for the upcoming season. I do no think I would draft Bush within the top ten rounds. He cannot be relied upon and the Dolphins offense is, well, a joke. I personally think the Dolphins will compete for the worst record in the NFL this year. That cannot mean good fantasy numbers for Reggie Bush. In case you were wondering, other players below Bush in the top 50 that I would pick before him include Dwayne Bowe, Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston (if Brees is back), Miles Austin, Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Demaryius Thomas. How Reggie Bush can be ranked this high is beyond me. Maybe someone knows more than I know but there is no way I would rely on Bush to be my number two running back this year. 

4. Greg Jennings - Wide Receiver - Green Bay Packers - I have a hard time picking wide receivers in the early rounds of the draft. I would rather have an elite quarterback or running back than an elite wide receiver. I would also argue that there are better wide receivers than Greg Jennings. I love the fact that he plays in a pass happy offense but the Packers also like to spread the ball around a lot. Last year, Jennings went over 100 yards three times. He still had a great season, but again, the Packers throw to everyone. One week Greg Jennings is going to be the star, the next Jordy Nelson is going to go off. I cannot waste a second round pick on a player who is not going to be my "superstar" type of player. I want my second round player to consistently give me points and that is something I cannot rely on with Jennings. I like the offense. Like the player. But cannot spend a second round pick on him. 

5. Michael Vick - Quarterback - Philadelphia Eagles - Maybe it is the fact that Vick has been injured the last two years. Maybe it is because LeSean McCoy is a beast. Maybe is is because ESPN has Vick ranked 17th overall, but I am not buying into Vick this year. He has the potential to be superstar and could win you your entire league. However, he could also be injured by week 5 and have you searching for a backup. I want my second/third round players to stick around the entire season. I also want my players there when the playoffs come around. Vick played in weeks 14, 15, 16 and 17 last year. If your playoffs start in week 13 or before, you were without your number one quarterback. By having the ability to grab a few rushing touchdowns, Vick has the potential to be a top 5 fantasy quarterback. However, he is also a high injury risk and could be out fairly early, sending your season into the toilet before you know it. 

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