Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How Important Are The First Two Months of Baseball?

With the return of baseball, comes the hilarity that seems to occur year in and year out. The media and fans tend to overreact immediately when it comes to players and teams. Last year it was Albert Pujols and the Boston Red Sox. Both got off to slow starts with Pujols only hit .231 with 7 home runs through the first 30 games. The Red Sox started 0-6 and were 14-16 through 30 games. Both Pujols and Boston were scrutinized for the entire first month of the season. People questioned if the contract was effecting Pujols and some even wondered if it was the beginning of the end.

For those who do not remember, the Red Sox pulled out of their slow start and ended up choking down the stretch to miss the playoffs by a game. Pujols went on to hit 37 home runs, 99 RBIs and .299 batting average. He also helped lead his team to the World Series. This brings me to today's article topic. How important are the first two months of baseball? Well I will not look into all of the stats of the teams, I will compare the record and standings of the past five World Series teams. 

Through two months:
St. Louis - 35-25 (1st place by 2 games) 
Texas - 33-26 (1st place by 2.5 games)

San Francisco - 29-24 (3rd place out of 1st by 2.5 games)
Texas: 29-25 (1st place by 1 game)

New York Yankees - 32-22 (Tied in first place)
Philadelphia - 32-20 (1st place by 4 games)

Philadelphia - 35-26 (1st place by 1.5 games)
Tampa Bay - 35-24 (2nd place out of 1st by .5 games)

Boston - 37-19 (1st place by 10 games)
Colorado - 27-30 (5th place out of 1st by 7 games)

After looking at the records through two months, it seems that 70% of teams in the World Series were in first place. I believe the last month of baseball is the most important but it looks as though the first two months are important as well. Eventually I will write an article on the number of wild card teams that make it to the World Series and teams that had to have a hot September to make the playoffs. 

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