Thursday, April 26, 2012

Which Direction I Want The Buffalo Bills To Go In Round Two

I will admit, I am and was none too happy about the Buffalo Bills first round pick. I think the team has bigger needs elsewhere and could have got a capable corner back in the second, third or fourth rounds. Furthermore, I do not think Gilmore is an elite player and normally at #10 you are looking for an elite player. I believe Buffalo would have been better off, trading down to get more picks (as they could have drafted Gilmore later) or drafting Michael Floyd. I understand the reasoning if you feel that Gilmore is an elite corner, but I do not think that about him. I think he will struggle with the more physical receivers of the NFL but hopefully I am pleasantly surprised. 

I cannot fix the first round pick, but I can certainly give my advice for the second round. I think Buffalo will be looking in two areas, wide receiver or offensive tackle. This is all confirmed after Buddy Nix announced the team wants to add a receiver and tackle still. Luckily for the Bills there is still plenty of talent in either position. Cordy Glenn, Jonathan Martin, Mike Adams, Bobby Massie, Zebrie Sanders and Mitchell Schwartz are all capable tackles. Some are better than others but may not be available at #41. Buffalo could also look at Stephen Hill, Reuben Randle, Alshon Jefferey, Brian Quick, Mohamaed Sanu, Juron Criner or Nick Toon. All seven are capable of becoming #2 wide receivers. 

I think Buffalo should hope one of the top remaining offensive lineman drops to them at #41, or trade up a few spots to secure them (unlikely knowing Buddy Nix). The receivers are still deep and there will definitely be one there in the third round. They could shock a lot of people and look to draft a linebacker like Zach Brown, Lavonte David, Ronnell Lewis, Sean Spence, or Mychal Kendricks or even Tight End, Coby Fleener. However, here are the three smartest choices at #41:

1. Cordy Glenn - Offensive Tackle - Georgia - The Bills have to hope Glenn can fall to them. He is capable of playing guard and tackle, which would provide depth at a number of positions on the offensive line. Glenn is ranked as a first round talent and would be an absolute steal at the forty  first pick.

2. Stephen Hill - Wide Receiver - Georgia Tech - Another player who was ranked by most as a first round talent but slipped into the second round. Hill will most likely be gone by the time the Bills pick but if he is not they should not hesitate to pull the trigger.

3. Jonathan Martin - Offensive Tackle - Stanford - As mentioned, the offensive tackle position is not very deep in this draft. It would make sense for the Bills to fill that position in the second round and look to fill the other needs later. Martin is another player who shocked many by slipping. He has first round talent and would be another steal at forty one.

Honorable Mention: Coby Fleener - Tight End - Stanford


  1. Thanks Ryan, that was easily the best pick of our draft. I am warming up to Stephon Gilmore but Cordy Glenn is going to be angry and we could certainly use a franchise tackle.