Sunday, April 15, 2012

NFL Draft Focus: Where Does Ryan Tannehill Go?

Ryan Tannehill's stock has been rising ever since the end of the season. After it was obvious Robert Griffin III was going top 5 back in December, I originally predicted Tannehill would go to Miami. He has slowly climbed from the second round, to the late first, to the middle of the first and has finally stopped around the top 10. Colts owner Jim Irsay recently tweeted that Tannehill will be the hidden gem of this draft. Scouts are in love with his arm strength and athleticism (originally played wide out, but switched to quarterback) but the real question is where will Tannehill go and how will it effect the draft?

In Two Years, Ryan Tannehill Threw For 5,328 Yards, 42 TDs
21 INTs and a 63.35 Completion Percentage
In my last post, I wrote that Ryan Tannehill will go to the Cleveland Browns at #4. I believe he will go there because of a number of reasons. They tried to trade up for Robert Griffin III but were outbid by the Washington Redskins. They were rumored to be in the hunt for Matt Flynn before he landed in Seattle. I do not think the Browns trust Colt McCoy and will do what it takes to calm down the fan base. They will do this by drafting Ryan Tannehill and adding more pieces with their 22nd pick and in the later rounds. 

There are plenty of other teams that could covet Tannehill and I doubt he makes it out of the top 10 picks. Here's a look at the teams that could draft Tannehill:

Cleveland Browns: As mentioned before I do not think they trust Colt McCoy. The fans wanted RG3 or Flynn as a back up plan.

Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are currently relying on David Garrard or Matt Moore to be their starting quarter back. I will give you a second to let that sink in. The player who got replaced by Blaine Gabbert is supposed to lead the Dolphins to victory? I would rather take my chances with Curtis Painter. Miami has not had a quality quarterback since Dan Marino retired and this could be there chance to change that. Currently it looks like the Dolphins are ready to fight for 0-16 again and have the #1 pick in 2013. I wonder how many games Tannehill could win for them.

Buffalo Bills: Call me crazy, but if Ryan Tannehill is on the board at #10 the Bills have two options. Try to find a trade partner and reap the benefits OR draft him. The pass rush has been fixed with the addition of Anderson and Williams. They could go after a #2 wide receiver, a premier offensive tackle or an inside linebacker but why not draft a franchise QB to groom behind Fitzpatrick? Tannehill has the skill sets to be a weapon in Buffalo and would have the players around him to succeed immediately. 

Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel has been a disappointment for the Chiefs ever since they traded for him. He has had two good years and has yet to show anything that screams franchise quarterback. The Chiefs are one year removed from the playoffs and have a quality team in place. Tannehill would benefit from Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Dwayne Bowe and a defense that ranked 11th in yards allowed per game in 2011. This is a team that I could see trading up if Tannehill drops past Miami.

Arizona Cardinals: Kevin Kolb had a disappointing first year in Arizona. One in which he could not stay healthy and was lackluster even when he was on the field. Arizona has a few offensive weapons and could benefit from a franchise QB. Their defense is a middle of the road team but can be built up in the later rounds. The Cardinals could be another team that would trade up if Tannehill makes it past Miami. 

Ryan Tannehill is certainly an interesting prospect and one that I will be watching for on April 26th. He could certainly slide down the draft boards, but he should be a top 10 pick. I think he goes as high as #4 to Cleveland. 

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